A Note To The Scottish Tax Payer

Before I start:

Note to R. If you want me to take this down, then just let me know.

I noticed this on Punternet Forum earlier and it answers a couple of question that I’ve been asking:

Having looked at “10 Reasons” which another poster had drawn attention to, I used the “contact us” page to ask what/who the proponents were, and for references to allow me to check their “Home Office” statistics. Here is the answer that I received (which fails to provide links to the Home Office…):

Glasgow Community and Safety Services:
We are an organisation which aims to prevent crime, tackle antisocial behaviour and promote community safety in the city. We bring together around 500 staff from Glasgow City Council, Strathclyde Police, Strathclyde Fire and Rescue and Glasgow’s Community Safety Partnership.
In order to ensure we are providing local solutions to local issues we have developed a three-locality approach to our organisation, which aligns our services with Strathclyde Police divisions and the Community Planning Partnership – further enhancing our partnership working.
Each of our locality teams – west and centre; north and east; and south – comprise a wide range of services that allow us to achieve our six key
– to reduce antisocial behaviour and crime;
– to increase prevention and diversion opportunities for young people;
– to make Glasgow a cleaner place;
– to provide community reassurance in relation to antisocial behaviour and crime;
– to provide support to families and individuals;
– to reduce violence against women.
By working in genuine partnership on a wide range of crime prevention, antisocial behaviour and community safety issues we can make a real difference to communities across Glasgow.
Glasgow Community & Safety Services is a Company Incorporated in Scotland (No. 130604) and a Registered Charity (No SC017889)

I do just wonder who, in these times of austerity, pays FIVE HUNDRED STAFF to churn out this sort of garbage. It is also interesting that the “Stop Prostitution” web site fails to comply with either the Companies Act or the new Scottish charities legislation in disclosure of the company and charity details required!

and a little later:

(and, answering my own post, to demonstrate my inadequacy) I’ve just found the following on www.endprostitutionnow.org which I think needs to be noted and giggled at:
Glasgow Community and Safety Services makes no warranties, representations or undertakings about :-
* any of the content of this website (including, without limitation, the quality, accuracy, completeness or fitness for any particular purpose of such content);
* any content of any other website referred to or accessed by hypertext link through this website (“third party site”)

So that disclaimer covers this:
* Job Description
Prostitution is often described as glamorous, as an occupational alternative for women, as an answer to low-paying, low skilled, boring dead-end jobs, as a solution to the high unemployment rate of poor women, as a form of sexual liberation, and a career women freely choose.
HELP WANTED: Women and girls do you want this job?
Are you tried of mindless, low skilled, low-paying jobs? Would you like a career with flexible hours? Working with people? Offering a professional service?
• No experience required! No qualifications needed. No minimum age requirement. On the job training provided.
• Special opportunities for poor women – exotic looking women – single mothers – women of colour
• Women and girls applying for this position will provide the following services:
• Being penetrated orally, anally and vaginally with penises, fingers, fists and objects, including but not limited to bottles, brushes, dildos, guns and/or animals;
•Being bound and gagged, tied with ropes and/or chains, burned with cigarettes, or hung from beams or trees;
Being photographed or filmed performing these acts

So I can make whatever Bindel-style assertions that I please, but if I’ve posted such a disclaimer, that doesn’t matter, then?

and to close:

OSCR’s web-site shows that this marvelous Charity organisation had an income last year of over £21 million quid, all of which, presumably, comes from Glasgow Council, or Holyrood? Is that what the Council Tax payers want to fund? That isn’t enough to build the airport railway, but if the Renfrew – Yoker ferry really is needed, then that is where the money could come from!

In case you’re wondering why I’m just stealing someone else’s words, I’ll explain.

I have been trying for months to hold forth on the subject of that awful

website, but I can’t do it. It makes me so utterly furious that I cannot form sentences. I just wish that the fuckers arseholes idiots who dreamt up this bullshit cretinous twaddle would just fuck off go totally, utterly, endlessly and irretrievably away.