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Thaddeus Blanchette says:

2 f 09 at 13:57

The more I look at this topic (prostitution), the more I come to the conclusion that the REAL point of repression is not to save women, but to maintain prostitutes in a subordinate, powerless position as much as possible.

This is why I find the Swedish model to be absolutely hypocritical.

In every other struggle for justice on the planet, it is clearly seen and noted that the main problem is empowering the oppressed. In every other struggle for justice on the planet, this means bringing the oppressed into institutional decision-making structures.

We have no trouble seeing this dynamic when the oppressed are landless peasants, urban squatters, ethnic minorities, workers, or indigenous groups. But suddenly, when the supposed oppressed are prostitutes, their so-called “allies” revert to a “noblise oblige” model where all power should be STRIPPED from the “victimized” group and placed in the hands of authorities who will supposedly act in their best interests – despite never having done so before.

It is amazing to me that supposedly left, feminist – even marxist – thinkers cannot see this contradiction.

Amazing 😀

Why have I not seen this before?

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