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Oh Google. You killjoy!


Without going into the finer techy details of what they’ve done, the end result is that I can’t see all the search terms that brought people to my site and blog any more. You may remember, I blogged about it once or twice in the past. Rootling through the search terms was always entertaining. Alas, no more.
This means that A: I’ll have to find some other mischief to get into and more importantly B: unless I sign up to some form of paid Google account like Adwords, I now have no chance of ever beating DollyMopp’s best search term “Kilt ejaculate”.
Google. You’ve let me down.


Search Terms

Sometimes people stumble across my blog when they are quite obviously looking for something entirely different. I can see some of the search terms that led folk here when I check my blog statistics.

The reason I mention this today, is that one of today’s offerings was truly bewildering. I do get some odd ones from time to time and the best ever, which will really take some beating, was “Men’s tights, Aberdeen”.

Anyway, today’s gem was “brunettes getting rammed”.

Whoever you are, I trust you had some quality time with your PC this afternoon.

Well done sir. 🙂