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Squonuts and other less important stuff

IMG_0582Yes really. I have no room to talk, because anyone who knows me will tell you that I amuse myself on a daily basis by making up new words for things and bastardising the words we have been very kindly provided with already, but squonuts? I mean, it’s not as if all other doughnuts are the same shape. We don’t feel the need to call them roundnuts or longnuts, so why bother?


Right, news… What have I got for you…

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A Note…

…To anyone who has been trying to phone or text me today.

I’m not ignoring you.

Today has been a day of power cuts and as a result the phone transmitter is not working.


Translation: I have no mobile phone signal. I’m just hoping they get it sorted soon.


Keep trying… pretty please.


Amanda xx

Quote of the day:
If the Phone Doesn’t Ring, It’s Me – Jimmy Buffett


Test, test, test!
Yes, I’m feeling very testy today. I’m currently trying to set up an application on my phone so that I can still blog on the go, without my laptop (RIP lappy).
So, please ignore any unusually strange posts. You know… More strange than usual. 🙂