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Anyone For Tea And Buns?


Joan Burnie says that “saunas are sad, seedy and sorry” (although I’ll bet shecupteabun doesn’t say it three times fast). So we must close them.

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering who the hell Joan Burnie is. Well, she is a columnist for the Daily Record and therefore we should all just do as she says, obviously. Honestly, sometimes I wonder if you lot are being purposely obtuse? *rolls eyes*

Anyway, for the doubters amongst you who are questioning her expertise. Well, I’ll have you know that she used to live near a sauna and regularly stopped to chat to the ladies who worked there, apparently. Now, I shall neatly sidestep the fact that if those are the criteria, then I am an expert on all sorts of things and get straight to the fact that based on these chats, she says:

But any guy who believes any of them had anything but the most bitter contempt for them is deluded.

Now, I’ve heard the kind of banter which goes on between working girls who are working together all day. Especially when they’re having a busy day. It’s just that. Banter. No different to what you’d hear at the back of any business, if you listened to the staff  having a cigarette break. You could take any of these conversations out of context and twist them to display a contempt for the customer, but most folk don’t bother. They have better things to do.

She also says that:

Saunas are just – well, what exactly?

Some sort of gentlemen’s club where the boys can relax and let it all hang out?

It sure as hell isn’t somewhere into which they pop for a wee cup of tea and a bun.

So, although it may not be a cup of tea and a bun. I’d like to share a forum post with you.

The author has been visiting ladies of negotiable affection for 6 months or so and I’m sure, like others he didn’t know what to expect when he started, so it’s nice to see that he’s being well looked after and obviously has impeccable taste in escorts.

Something so nice happened to me that I have to share it. I have written before on these pages that I consider the perfect ending to my meeting with a lady is when she says to me “if you’re not in a rush to get away would you like to stay for a coffee and a chat?”
That would be the perfect ending. I couldn’t imagine it being any better than that.  Today I had THE perfect perfect ending.
I saw a lady for the second time yesterday afternoon the first time being four months ago.   On each occasion I had booked for one hour and on each occasion had spent nearly three hours with the lady. On neither occasion did I expect or ask for this generosity and on each occasion the pleasure, for me at least, was immense.  As on the first occasion I had to leave because I was going to the theatre (alone).  Yesterday I had driven myself to the lady’s home so I drove myself back to my hotel.  On the first occasion I had gone to her home in a taxi so she drove me back to the hotel.  I’m sure that you are getting the idea of how nice this lady is and also how well we got on.
I enjoyed my afternoon indulgence and also enjoyed the theatre so I went to my bed contented. This morning I arose, showered and dressed and then saw that there was a text on my phone.  It was from the lady.  “would you like to join me for breakfast?” For a millisecond I thought about it before texting my acceptance. The lady only lives a couple of miles from the hotel.
When I arrived I discovered that she had prepared a full English breakfast for us. All the trimmings that you would expect at a hotel but more so.  Well cooked and very tasty.   After enjoying the food we relaxed together on her settee (no naughty stuff) and chatted away.
We shared a very enjoyable hour before once again, at my instigation, having to take my leave for the long drive home.  Even the inclement weather and hour long delay because of an accident on the motorway could not dampen my good humour.
It was such an unexpected surprise all the more so because she didn’t have to do it.  I knew and she knew that I would be seeing her again in a few months time.  There was no suggestion either by her or me that it was anything other than breakfast and conversation.  She isn’t familiar with this site so she doesn’t even know what the signature on my posts is.  I have no illusions about it progressing to anything further.  Business is still business.  But when it seems that some people are put on this earth to make the lives of others a misery  sometimes the clouds do part and the sunshine comes through to warm everything.   I’ll have to stop now because otherwise I’ll ramble on and on.
I know that every one is different in what they are looking for from this business but surely everybody, whether man or woman, has an image in their mind of the perfect ending for them.  My best wishes to everyone.

Now, Ms Burnie. What do you say to that?


I’d like to thank Gibbs for allowing me to reproduce his post here.


Feminists & Prostitution… A Challenge:

Thanks to a thread on Punternet Forums, I have been reading some bullshit fascinating reports on prostitution. These reports all have something in common. If you look up the authors, you will inevitably find out that they are not just feminists, but activistic feminists of the extreme variety. The kind of feminists who seem to be irresistibly drawn to working for such organisations as Rape Crisis. A few minutes of digging around on the internet for articles by said feminists leads one to wonder whether they work there purely based on the urge to use the phrase “Male violence against women” as often as possible.

Jan Macleod says in this article

PROSTITUTION is referred to as the oldest profession and is said to be inevitable because it’s always been here. That’s what people said about slavery.

Surely we want a Scotland where people have the right to live in safety and respect – how can we achieve that if we are prepared to tolerate women being used and abused in prostitution?

Most women enter prostitution because of lack of choice. It is the men buying sex who are exercising free choice.

Slavery? Used and abused? Lack of choice?

I will say here and now though, that I have more time for the opinions of Margo MacDonald, who is quoted further down in the same article. At least she has the sense to realise that the more laws are brought in to end prostitution, the more it will be driven underground. The further underground it goes, the more dangerous it becomes.

Another article from the same newspaper is imaginatively titled “Sex Industry in Scotland: Inside the deluded minds of  the punters”

Nice eh?

This piece starts with the line:

“ALMOST half the punters who use prostitutes in Scotland are so deluded that they believe the women actually enjoy having sex with them.”

Now tell me, what exactly is wrong with that? It’s not delusion. It’s fact!  We do enjoy it. On some occasions more than others, but that really isn’t the issue.

I wouldn’t mind if the people churning out these articles and reports and campaigning their dungaree clad arses off, were open minded, but these women include the likes of Julie Bindel.

In case you haven’t come across the lovely Ms Bindel, she is the kind of feminist who believes that ALL women should be saved from “daily penetration”.

I’m sure that Ms Bindel would read my website and promptly announce that I am deluded, a victim of male abuse and that I was probably an abused or neglected child. She would be entirely wrong.

I, on the other hand read this article and feel that I know all I ever wish to know about our Julie. I’ll give you a couple of quotes from that one, just in case you can’t be arsed to read it.

“In the late 70s a group of lesbians in Leeds, known as revolutionary feminists (RFs), made a controversial move that resonated loudly for me and many other women. They began calling for all feminists to embrace lesbianism. Appealing to their heterosexual sisters to get rid of men “from your beds and your heads””

“all feminists can and should be lesbians. Our definition of a political lesbian is a woman-identified woman who does not fuck men. It does not mean compulsory sexual activity with women.”

“ “We think serious feminists have no choice but to abandon heterosexuality,” it reads. “Only in the system of oppression that is male supremacy does the oppressor actually invade and colonise the interior of the body of the oppressed.” It also asserted that penetration “is more than a symbol, its function and effect is the punishment and control of women””

“For me, however, my lesbianism is intrinsically bound up with my feminist politics and my campaigning against sexual violence.”

“I think it’s time for feminists to re-open the debate about heterosexuality, and to embrace the idea of political lesbianism. We live in a culture in which rape is still an everyday reality, and yet women are blamed for it, as it is viewed as an inevitable feature of heterosexual sex. Domestic violence is still a chronic problem for countless women in relationships with men. Women are told we must love our oppressors, while, as feminists, we fight to end the power afforded them as a birthright. Come on sisters, you know it makes sense. Stop pretending you think lesbianism is an exclusive members’ club, and join the ranks. I promise that you will not regret it.”

So…. Ms Lesbian by choice Bindel can make an informed choice to become a man hating pain in the posterior, but because I disagree with her, she would say that I am wrong and that I should not have the right to be a man loving lady of negotiable affection?

I love men, men of all shapes, sizes and ages. I choose to work as an escort. I don’t work on the streets, I don’t have a drug habit, I am not trafficked.

By all means ladies, do all you can to stop the horror of trafficking. Rid this country of sexual-slavery.

Combat poverty so that women need never prostitute themselves out of desperation.


Not all of us are here for any of those reasons. Whether you like it or not, some of are educated ladies who love sex, love men and love what we do for a living.

I challenge these radical feminists and political lesbians to speak to women like me. Include us in their reports. Add us to their statistical data. But they will never do that. It doesn’t fit in with their crusade and if they did, they would twist our words and make assumptions based purely on their narrow minded beliefs.

The only fear of  oppression I have, does not come from the male of our species. It is the fear that these women will get their way and my career/lifestyle of choice will be made illegal. If that happens, I shall take great delight in pitching my tent on Julie’s lawn (that  – dear reader – is NOT a euphemism).

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