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Sing me a lullaby

It is 2:56am and I am awake. I do not want to be awake, but that seems to be irrelevant. I’m having one of those “This is not my bed” moments. I’m sure that any minute now, I will be overwhelmed by the urge to sleep, I am also sure that when that happens, the currently silent Inverness seagulls will start their morning kebab hunt, probably armed with loudhailers.

This is another flying visit, I must be mad working on April fools day. Having spent most of yesterday ignoring withheld numbers, I await the morning with trepidation. However, you boys have a treat in store, I happen to know that Amy of Scarborough and Ellie Lloyd are both planning visits to Inverness in the near future. Make sure you look them up. Don’t miss out.

I am off to sunny Bristol for a few days to visit and torment the lovely Claire, so if you fancy an outcall while I’m there, please send me an email or call me as soon as possible.

Anyway, I’m off to count sheep.