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My attention was drawn to a blog. The blog is written by Rebecca Mott who claims to be a “prostitution survivor”. I feel that I should be allowed to say “claims to be”, because she will tell you that I claim to be a happy hooker. I have as many doubts about her authenticity as she has about mine. She has written a piece which the comments proclaim to be ‘brave’. I just found insulting, so I called her on it.

I replied in the same style as the original post and luckily I took a screen capture, so I can show you exactly what I said. 



I was then called deluded, told that I am suffering false consciousness, that my consent to sex is not valid and accused of being a pimp. 


I was told that I must be profiting from the suffering of ‘prostituted women’. I cannot possibly be who I claim to be, apparently. 

And so it went (rather quickly) from the above to this:

“A well organised approach to spread propaganda of the sex trade”

It now says on there that anyone who disagreed must either be a man, or a woman who is trying to “silence exited women”. 

I beg your pardon? Who tried to silence whom? I was just trying to point out that no, your experience is not the definitive one. Yours is not the only voice that needs to be heard. 


Apparently it’s ok to silence me. I am deluded. I am worth no more than my hands and holes. 


I am a fuck machine. 


An Open Letter

To someone who’ll probably never read it.


Dear whatever you name is,

As much as I would obviously love to meet you in the truck stop tomorrow night for an hour long bunk up extravaganza in the cab of your lorry, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to make it.

I would also like to take this chance to thank you for your incredibly generous offer. It touches me deeply to know that you are such a giving and selfless person that you would offer me 40% of my hourly fee for an hour in such salubrious surroundings. You really shouldn’t have.* You truly are a prince among men.

I would just like to apologise again for my inability to accept your booking on this occasion, but I’m washing my hair and of course I really just can’t cancel that. In fact, you’ll find (if you ever contact me again) that I wash my hair quite often.**


Love and kisses




*No, you really shouldn’t have

** And I’m sure that if it’s not hair wash time, I can find lots of other things I’d rather do, like sharpening matchsticks and shoving them under my fingernails with a mallet.