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I will be in Dundee tomorrow evening and all day on Friday.

Hope to see you there. 🙂

Amanda xx

Quote of the day:
One of the keys to happiness is a bad memory. – Rita Mae Brown


Dundee plays hard to get…

Dundee is at it again. Last time we ended up in Carnoustie, this time we managed to get a lovely apartment in Dundee city centre. Unfortunately it came complete with Landlady as next door neighbour.

This was no ordinary landlady, this was the nosey old bat variety. So our first day in Dundee was lost. 😦

Today we gave up and headed for a hotel.

While I’m here I feel it would be only right to give a couple of tips to some of the men of Dundee:

1. Saying “Do you not think you’re a bit expensive love” on the phone will neither endear you to me nor get you a discount.

2. Phoning me repeatedly from a withheld number and then leaving me a voicemail which says “Pick up your phone I want to talk to you, you bitch!” Will not in any way encourage me to answer withheld numbers.

I’m thinking of visiting Perth in future and cutting Dundee down to the occasional visit.


We off to Aviemore tomorrow for fun and frolics with a friend of Laura’s. I’ve spoken to him online and on the phone several times, so I can’t wait to finally meet him in person. 🙂

Saturdays and Football

Although I have done plenty of outcalls on Saturdays in the past, I have never been available for incalls on a Saturday. I decided to try it today, an experiment I thought to myself.

I reckoned without footbore football. The FA Cup Final (or something) is on today. So all those luscious Aberdonian men are parked up with their eyes firmly glued to the nearest wide-screen television.

With any luck, their team of choice will win and after the match they will scamper to the phone, desperately searching for my number.

I somehow doubt it though.

Hey Ho! You can’t win them all and I really can’t complain. I’ve had a lovely week in Aberdeen. I’ve seen some of my favourite gentlemen friends again and had the opportunity to meet a few new chaps as well.

I’m looking forward to a couple of days at home and then I’m off to Dundee again. Right slap, bang in the middle of town this time apparently. Then I’m off home for two weeks. I have been neglecting the poor men of the Far North, so I will be making up for that. 😉



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Last day in Dundee today!!

Well I say Dundee, it’s actually Carnoustie.

I am writing this blog whilst hanging out the patio doors with laptop in hand. The signal is terrible here. 😦

The phones have just about enough signal to work, so it’s not all bad and I’ve met some lovely gentlemen while I’ve  been here.

Anyway… Last day today and then I’m off back home until the 25th when I’m back to Aberdeen, so if you want to see me while I’m here, grab your phone and give me a call. 🙂



Dundee Here I Come!!

I am just about to do my ironing and pack my frillies. I leave for Dundee in the morning. I’ve never been to Dundee, so I’m really looking forward to it.

I’ll be working in the afternoon/evening and then all day Wednesday and Thursday.

Don’t forget that Laura Lee will be there as well and duos are available.

See you soon