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More daughters, sisters, girlfriends, wives and mothers taken before their time.

These girls were a target, not just because they were prostitutes, but specifically because they were street girls.

Any self respecting psychopath knows that if you want to go on a killing spree, you look amongst society’s lost folk for victims. If you’re looking for women to kill, then the obvious thing to do is find street prostitutes.


Because what they do is illegal, so they will hide themselves away. Out of sight, out of mind.

Maybe our hypothetical psychopath will strike it lucky, maybe his victim will be a runaway, homeless on the street and selling herself. If she has no home to go to, then she won’t be missed when she doesn’t return. Maybe, if he’s really lucky, she will have a drug problem as well. Maybe through her addiction she has isolated her self completely. Maybe the only person who will miss her is her dealer.

Why are these girls still out there? Making what they do illegal doesn’t stop them, it just makes them withdraw into dark places.

Why, in our enlightened society, where the AA and RAC will send a patrol at super speed to a woman on her own, where we are sent a text with details of our taxi after a night out so that we don’t get into the wrong car, are these girls left to hope for the best and fend for themselves.

Kick a little. Demand a change in the law. Not a law that drives them even further underground. A law that supports them. A law that lets them work together, in safety. The means to change their lives and get out of prostitution, if that’s what they want. Come on people… Kick a little.