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My attention was drawn to a blog. The blog is written by Rebecca Mott who claims to be a “prostitution survivor”. I feel that I should be allowed to say “claims to be”, because she will tell you that I claim to be a happy hooker. I have as many doubts about her authenticity as she has about mine. She has written a piece which the comments proclaim to be ‘brave’. I just found insulting, so I called her on it.

I replied in the same style as the original post and luckily I took a screen capture, so I can show you exactly what I said. 



I was then called deluded, told that I am suffering false consciousness, that my consent to sex is not valid and accused of being a pimp. 


I was told that I must be profiting from the suffering of ‘prostituted women’. I cannot possibly be who I claim to be, apparently. 

And so it went (rather quickly) from the above to this:

“A well organised approach to spread propaganda of the sex trade”

It now says on there that anyone who disagreed must either be a man, or a woman who is trying to “silence exited women”. 

I beg your pardon? Who tried to silence whom? I was just trying to point out that no, your experience is not the definitive one. Yours is not the only voice that needs to be heard. 


Apparently it’s ok to silence me. I am deluded. I am worth no more than my hands and holes. 


I am a fuck machine. 


A Question…

…Which I am often asked:

If I saw you in the street. What line of work would I assume you are in?

I assume that what they actually mean is:

Do you dress like a tart?

Usually the answer is that you would probably assume that I work in an office.

Today, I looked like a Bag Lady.

It may please you to learn that I shan’t be repeating this tomorrow.

That is all.

Off On My Travels…

…Again 🙂

I’m off to Hampshire, where I will be available for outcalls on the 18th & 19th and then it’s off to London town with my spotted hankie on a stick over my shoulder. I shall endeavour to find a cat on the way,  just for the sake of authenticity.

I’ll be staying in a central London hotel and some incall appointments are still available on the 21st & 22nd.

I hope to see you there.

Last Chance!

To catch me in Aberdeen today.

I do have some appointments available between 2 & 4pm and after 8.30pm.

Tomorrow morning I’m heading back home and will be available for outcalls in Caithness, Sutherland, Ross & Cromarty and Inverness from Sunday until Wednesday (inclusive). Then it’s off to Inverness for a couple of days.


Are you coming out to play?

Amanda xx


Quote of the day:
All paid jobs absorb and degrade the mind. – Aristotle

Travelling Trollop

  • Vagabond Vamp?
  • Junketing Jade?
  • Nomadic Nymph?
  • Hussy of the Highway?

Ok, I’ll stop now… probably.

london The point of this is to let you know that I will be jetting off (sounds dead posh eh?) to Londinium town soon and I’ll be available for incalls in Paddington on the 11th of July. After my wee visit to London SpinnakerI am heading for Hampshire and although I haven’t finalised the details yet, I will be available for incalls whilst there. Actually, with it being somewhere I won’t get horribly lost, I’ll probably do some outcalls if anybody would prefer that.

Now then… At some point on or around the 15th, I will be dragging myself back home to Caithness from Hampshire. I  am planning to travel by train and I won’t be in the biggest hurry Steam Trainever seen, so I thought I’d give you all the chance to suggest a place for me to stop along the way.

I’m not claiming to be the most sought after strumpet in the UK, but I know that there are men who have spotted me and been disappointed to find that I live closer to Norway than I do to them.

Now then, obviously, Flora’s dinky B&B in Nether Floppington, with a grand total of two bedrooms and the nosiest landlady in the Northern Hemisphere is not going to be any good, unless of course you are after a dinner date or an overnight.

So, if you fancy a bit of slap and tickle with the UK’s most NortherlyIMG_004022 lady of negotiable affection, just send me an email (preferred) or phone me (or both), let me know where in the country you are and we’ll see if we can come up with a plan to get me there on my way home.

The most requested town (with adequate hotel, of course) wins.