Do Unicorns Neigh?

I need to know. Horny Horsey

You see, if I’m going to be a mythical creature, then I’d like to get the details right.

I can’t just wander about all horny and neighing, only to discover that they make an entirely different noise. That would be silly. I mean, it’s bad enough to discover that I’m not real, without making some kind of Unicorny faux pas.

I suppose I really should tell you what the hell I’m on about, but be warned. You’ll wish you hadn’t asked.

I was Googling about (as you do) and came across this.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention. All my clients are Unicorns as well.

All happy hookers and all good clients.

So these Unicorns… Common as bloody muck then.

*Swishes mane and trots away*