I didn’t write this

But, as it made me chuckle, I thought I’d share.

Murphy’s law of whoring.

Law 1. The one service that he wants, is the only one you don’t do.
Law 2. The less interested you are in working, the more clients there will be wanting to book you.
Law 3. The niceness of the client and the amount he is willing to spend on you, is directly and inversely proportional to the likelehood of you suddenly coming down with the clap, the flu, or a period that would put Niagra Falls to shame.
Law 4. The more you need/ want the money, the less genuine clients and more timewasters there are out there.
Law 5. The more you spend on a hotel and ads, the less clients you will get.
Law 6. The uglier and more talentless the man, the more chance there is of him thinking he’d make a great male escort.
Law 7. The longer your phone goes without ringing, the greater the likelehood that when you put it down for ten minutes you miss three genuine calls.
Law 8. The Sunday Sport will go into recievership the day before your prepaid epic tour to a non- internet area.
Law 9. Some dude called Mario will be trying to pull you and all of your friends via email in pidgeon English.
Law 10. Men suck.


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