Well, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to take my phone number off of my adultwork profile.
Having endured the last couple of weeks, filled with phone calls which start with “Hi, I seen (sic) your profile on the internet. Can I have a few details?”. I can only assume that the chaps who previously arranged their afternoon liaisons via the Daily Sport have moved onto the interweb. All the details are there! It doesn’t matter whether it’s my adultwork profile or my website. Unless you want to know something very specific, it’s probably there. So, from now on, it will only be the chaps who can use the messaging facility who will be able to contact me.

Anyway, I’m currently sitting outside my Inverness hotel during day two of my special offer, enjoying a well deserved glass of wine. A hotel (incidentally) which considers a pillow stealing 5″ gap at the head of the bed to be just fine and dandy, Ta very much.
I won’t be available at all now until Tuesday. I’m off to play for the weekend. I won’t be good, so don’t bother suggesting it… 🙂