Happy Birthday To Me

Yes, another one. That’s 38 of them now and quite frankly they’re beginning to get a little tedious. Still, mustn’t grumble. I usually spend my birthday scouring the t’interweb for any listings which quote my age, so that I can change them. This year I’m putting it off for a couple of days. You see? That’s just how edgy and rock ‘n’ roll I truly am. So, for those who may wonder how I spend my birthdays, wonder no more… Today I shall be popping to the supermarket (not sure I can handle the excitement of that one), continuing my house hunt (yes, I’m moving… Do try to keep up Winking smile ) and heading out for an outcall which is set to include a trip to a nice restaurant.

I’m sure the rad-fems would say that I forgot to include my coercion and exploitation, but it’s MY birthday, not theirs, so they can bugger off. Actually, they’re probably all far too busy tweaking their trafficking figures for Baroness Kennedy to worry about little ol’ me. After all, they have their funding to consider.

Anyway, the sun is shining and today belongs to me, so I’m off…

Tootles Smile