I don’t wear a fluorescent mini dress and leather thigh boots.

I don’t have a flashing neon sign over my head which reads “Escort at work”.

I don’t drive a shocking pink minibus with “Whores on Tour” emblazoned on the sides.

And as I said to someone the other day, I won’t turn up wearing a clown suit and riding a giraffe*.

For outcalls, I can wear jeans, a nice dress, a business suit. Whatever you think you neighbours will notice least. Really, it’s fine. Just ask if you would like me to dress casually.

You chaps don’t half worry yourselves. I understand that you don’t want the neighbours to know your business, I really do, but all they will see is a woman turning up at your house. I won’t hand out my card to Iain at number 6, nor will I recommend to Morag next door that she pops over to see me in Inverness so that we can investigate her bi-curious side.

They may wonder who I am if they see me. It’s up to you to decide what to tell them. A friend, a relation, a work colleague, your therapist, your probation officer.

Just stop worrying so much! Smile

*Giraffe, clown suit combo is copyright Bristol BBW Claire