Happy Holidays (A Rant)

I absolutely detest that phrase. With a passion! It makes me swear like a Tourettes sufferer.

So you can imagine my utter, deep and heartfelt joy when, on the way home the other day I saw a house (which obviously belongs to someone with more money than sense. I wouldn’t want their electricity bill) covered with Christmas lights, with a huge neon type Christmas sign in the garden which flashed “Happy holidays!”.Happy-Holidays

Let the swearing commence…

As I drove closer to the offending object, I tried to figure out what on earth the rest of the sign depicted. I could see that it was something in a Santa hat, but what?

A Dolphin!

A damn, non-Christmassy, dolphin!


The only place I can think of in which that sign would make any sense, is Sea World, Orlando.

Bah! Tuna eating humbug!

Oh by the way, if you happen to be the owner of this awful monstrosity and by some strange quirk of fate you are reading this, I’m not sorry. Not one iota. You’re obviously an idiot.

Merry Christmas Winking smile