I Had A Dream

I dreamt that I went to Edinburgh zoo. Now, I’ve never actually been to Edinburgh zoo, but I’d bet that it doesn’t look like New York docks, Disney style. However, in my dream, that is exactly what it looked like, in fact it was all a bit cartoony. You had to walk back and forth over the water on little stone bridges and the animals were in little alcoves in the big grey walls. There were no bars or fences. You would just wander into the alcove – which had the animal’s name over the entrance – and as you did, the animal would get up and do a little twirl for you and then stand there so that you could get a good look at it.

I was there to see Mary the elephant. I had gone to see her because I was told she had a message for me. I spotted her little alcove and crossed the bridge and as I approached, I bumped into Roger Moore. He was dancing with his waxwork. I knew that he had probably been sent to stop me seeing Mary, because I remembered the Bond film where Mary the elephant had dived into the sea and everyone thought she was an octopus.

Just as I was about to try and find a way to get past him, I felt a nudging at my legs. Of course! I’d brought my aardvarks with me. However, I remembered the warning from the man at the gate and when I looked my left aardvark was blue, so I had to leave.


Isn’t Night Nurse amazing stuff! Smile


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  1. hivine

    I do not require your services (although chance would be a fine things as thanks to HIV no one would touch me with a barge pole!!) but I came upon your blog by chance and found it funny and well written so I am now intrigued – who are you? x

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