Voicemail Strangeness

Dear reader, do you happen to have a mobile phone with 3 network? If so, have youStuck In Your Voicemail noticed anything odd about their voicemail?

I rang to retrieve my messages a couple of months ago and was duly informed by the nice robot man, that they had “improved their voicemail service”. Now, you’d think that by this time in my life, I would have run, screaming from the room at the mere hint of something being ‘improved’, but no. I took them at their word and thought no more of it.

Over the last few weeks I have noticed that everyone who got as far as the instruction to leave a message, has abandoned all hope and hung up. I did think it was odd, because although there are plenty of folk who do just that, there are usually at least a handful each week, who bravely soldier on and leave me some indication as to the nature of their call.

Retrieving my messages has gone like this:

Male robot: “You were called today at 20:00 hours, by telephone number 07891011121.

One second of silence

Female robot: To listen to the message again, press 1. To save the message, press 2. To delete the message, press 3

I have been deleting them. No point in keeping blank spaces.

Until the other day…

Instead of pressing 3 for delete, I accidentally pressed 1. At which point, the one second of silence I had previously heard, miraculously transformed into a fully fledged voicemail, with a real person’s voice and everything! Turns out, that’s what I have to do now to hear my messages. I can’t be the only one can I? I haven’t yet found any sign online of people complaining about this, well not on 3UK anyway, although I did find somebody who was complaining of the same problem with a different network in the US.

Anyway. Apologies to those of you who have recently left a message and then heard nothing from me.

Repeat after me: “Technology is your friend, technology is your friend.”



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