Why I Prefer Email

Because answering the phone leaves me wide open to the “Numpty Factor”.Angry Woman On Phone

The other day, just as I was parking the car, my phone rang. I didn’t quite grab it in time and I needed to get into the Post Office, so I sent a text.

Sorry, I can’t speak on the phone now. Please call again later or send me an email.

The response was.

Whoz dis

He went on to enquire (in txt spk), how much I charge for an overnight appointment in glas (Glasgow?). I told him and he asked how much for an overnight at my flat?

Now, this chap had quite obviously not read my website, apart from going straight to the contact page to retrieve my phone number. If he had, he would know that I’m not based in Glasgow and I don’t provide incalls, not in a flat, not in a house, not in a broom cupboard, nor even a bloody palace for that matter.

Is it really that hard to read my site? I’ve tried to keep it down to as few words as possible.

Anyway, the worrying thing is that I’m not the only one. For instance, read Amy’s latest blog post.