On The Road Again

I have driven the length and… well… length of the country again. I didn’t realise that such great swathes of the M6 had been turned into car parks. My car has obviously been fitted with  a cloak of invisibility (well, folk wouldn’t pull out like that if they could see me!) and I feel almost guilty because whilst I have a very well equipped, disappearing car, others can’t even afford such optional extras as indicators. And what sorcery is it that transforms me from bright eyed and bushy tailed, happy bunny, singing along to a CD to  a narcoleptic wreck when I read a sign that says “Tiredness kills! Take a break”?

Whilst I was “darn sarf”, Mother Nature decided to prove to me that not all rain falls in Scotland and she did so with gusto. I’m almost certain someone surfed past me on the M4. I had slowed to between forty and fifty miles per hour because meeting standing water any faster than that is the perfect laxative and was rather concerned to be overtaken by motorists who were travelling at upwards of seventy! Generally fish-tailing past me in a most alarming manner. Now, whilst I have no objection to them killing themselves, I’d rather they didn’t try to take me with them.

One driver in particular seems deserving of  special mention.  That is the chap who ran out of McDonald’s, jumped into his Fiesta and reversed towards Claire and I at top speed, stopping inches from Claire’s door. I assumed he hadn’t seen us, so I beeped the horn, He then stuck his head out of the window and shouted “I FUCKIN’ SEEN YA!!”… *Sigh* Welcome to Glasgow?

Thunder in the Glen is on this weekend, so the latter part of the homeward journey was interspersed with large hairy men on large motorbikes. Also lots of horse boxes, heading to Blair for the horse trials. Or as I call it, “The Blair witch trials”. This combination meant that when I arrived home and somebody asked me how the journey was, I answered “Awash with horses’ arses and hairy faced men”… I may eventually explain that to her, but for now I’ll let her puzzle it over.

Anyway, friends and relatives have now been visited to within an inch of their lives and I also had the chance to meet up with online friends, old and new.

Now I just need to recover from my restful holiday…