Marital Aids For The iPod Generation.

I’ve noticed these before, but never really given them much thought. Today, apparently, was the day my brain had set aside for OhMiBod.

Ok, for those of you who are currently baffled:

The OhMiBod is a vibrator which plugs into your iPod (or other mp3 player) and vibrates in time with your music.

I have questions though. First of all, Why?

Everyone knows that if you live with other people and you plan to slope off for a sly bout of sexual self gratification, that the last thing you would do is to plug yourself into your iPod. you need to hear if someone is coming (and make sure they can’t hear you doing the same) and if you live alone or have the house to yourself, wouldn’t you just switch the stereo on?

Secondly, Who?

Who was merrily buzzing away with their old diesel electric and thought “This really should vibrate in time to my music!”

I’m heartened to see that it does come with two ends. One for the iPod and one which reverts it to normal vibrator functions (7 of them in fact). I may even buy myself one. Just for novelty value. However, looking at the contents of my iPod, I’m not sure I want to pleasure myself to the strains of The Blackbird Song.