Decaffeinated Klassy Kortezan

I’ve run out of coffee. That may seem a minor thing to some of you, but I know that there are those who will feel my pain.

I’ve spent the morning typing, deleting and typing again whilst trying to answer emails. My brain does not work without caffeine. Not at this time of the day at least.

Typo central, that’s an understatement. I even checked whether someone had moved the keys around on my keyboard while I was asleep. My vocabulary seems to have shrunk as well. Much time has been spent, sitting thinking “There’s a word for that… What the hell is it?”

Whilst I’m wittering, has anybody else noticed that HMRC use a strange paper size? The same width as A4, but slightly longer. Not as long as Foolscap though. Surely it would be cheaper to use a standard size?

Foolscap… I’ve often wondered about that name. Maybe I’ll look it up when I get back from my emergency coffee run.


3 thoughts on “Decaffeinated Klassy Kortezan

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  2. Richard

    HMRC? Someone recently found a report that HMRC had been buying laptops, with a year’s extended warranty for something like £2k. They are very careful when it comes to squeezing the last groat out of you, but when it comes to spending their money, hey ho, and on we go!

  3. Pabulum

    Just to save you fromWikidom: “Foolscap was named after the fool’s caps and bells watermark commonly used from the fifteenth century onwards on paper of these dimensions[1][2] The earliest example of such paper that is firmly dated was made in Germany in 1479.” It was also the standard size in Govt offices until about 1940, when Quarto took over for reasons of economy.

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