What’s In A Name Part 2

The more I read my previous post, the less happy I am with it.

For a start, it makes it seem as if I have something against street girls. I don’t. That’s just not the part of the market that I am aiming for. If someone wants to work in this industry and chooses to work in a parlour or on a street corner, then I salute them, it’s just not for me.

The point I was trying (badly) to make in my last post was that we all market ourselves differently. We are all different. Not necessarily better or worse, just not the same.

The thing we fight against is the media portrayal of us as crack whores (or whatever). This got me thinking. If I have so much trouble convincing some people that I do this of my own free will, because I enjoy it and that I don’t touch drugs. What about the the street girls who do the job because they enjoy it. Probably about 50% of people would rather believe that I do this because I’m coerced and desperate. Imagine how hard it would be for a happy street hooker to convince people that she doesn’t need to be rescued.

I would love to sit down with a girl who works the streets for all the right reasons and have a chat. I’d love to find out just how much the same/different our worlds are. I wonder if Julie Bindel has ever done that? She seems to quite carefully stick to anyone who will reinforce her beliefs.

The more I think about the word escort, the more I think that it could apply to anyone in the industry as long as they don’t limit themselves to 5 minute blowjobs just to feed their habit.

Call girl… That works for me. Ok, call needs to extend to email, but it’s close enough. The problem with that is that it starts to wend it’s way toward the lingo that is used at the uber expensive end of the market and I really don’t want anyone to associate me with that either.

The not wanting to be associated with things isn’t snobbery by the way. It’s more about making sure that clients know what to expect when they meet me. If I was feeling snobby, I would market myself as a “High class courtesan”. I’m not and sooner or later a client would meet me for the first time and die laughing. I don’t need that on my conscience.