What's In A Name?

Every now and again, someone jumps up and down about the word Prostitute. Either it will be a working girl stating that:

I’m not a prostitute, I’m an escort!

Or possibly a pedant, usually a bloke (sorry guys) saying:

You’re all prostitutes and you shouldn’t confuse the issue by calling yourselves anything different. An escort, escorts people (usually men), she doesn’t have sex with them.

The thing is, there are certain images that the word prostitute brings to mind that a  lot of girls just don’t want to be associated with.prostitutes

For instance, if I tap “Prostitutes” into Google image search, the first result is this charming picture of two street walkers very kindly holding up a lamppost. I shan’t comment on the outfits or the hair… Well, no more than I just have anyway. Now, if you’ve never plied your trade on a street corner, never run over to a car and asked a bewildered Japanese tourist in a rental car whether they are “Lookin’ for business luv?” then why on earth would you want someone to have that image in their mind when they thought of you.

The problem is that while in people’s heads, the word prostitute is synonymous with street walkers, it is actually our correct job title (and theirs too of course).

You can go the other way and call yourself a sex worker, but then you could mean lap dancer, stripper or any number of other things.

just-julesSo for the guys who constantly question us when we use the words escort, floozy, tart, strumpet and even whore. There is you answer in pictures, so that its easy to understand. The word ‘prostitutes’ brings the above picture. The word ‘escorts’ brings this one. Now call me a snob, but I know which picture I’d rather be associated with.

So consider it a sub-category. A word we use just to clarify things.


3 thoughts on “What's In A Name?

  1. Alexa

    I think the term escort is more appropriate because the “prostitute” in this case actually IS willing to “escort” the client to dinner, a function of some type, or any other place he wants to take her. The street worker isn’t going to do that. So the work does involve much more than just sex and therefore “prostitute” is too narrow for what we do.

  2. Amanda

    That’s just it though. It clarifies what we do. We know what we are, we know what we do, but we get accused of hiding behind the word. As if we are ashamed of what we do. There are some people who get quite irate about what we call ourselves and I think we are just trying to use a word which covers all angles of the job. There is a poster on punternet forum who absolutely refuses to use anything other than the word prostitute and there are days when he is quite obviously wielding it like a hammer. If a window cleaner can call themselves a ‘vision technician’ then I think we should be able to call ourselves whatever we like, don’t you? 🙂

  3. JG

    Interesting reading your comment and I’m sorry that someone seems to have been mean and impolite enough to upset you so much that you thought it necessary to point out the obvious. Perhaps you could point out some other issues, namely:
    – Escorts, generally, are much more concerned about health and hygiene than are lamppost-hugging sisters (LHS),
    – Escorts, generally, are mentally and psychologically much better balanced than are their LHS.
    -Escorts, generally, are intellectually more sophisticated than their LHS, so can, and do, offer an interesting and entertaining experience, as well as an exciting and stimulating one.

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