Whilst posting an advertisement for my upcoming London visit on the Punterchat forum, I had a moment of self doubt, flasherwhich led to me Googling the word “lasciviousness”. Now, whilst this in itself is dull and uninteresting, the image which popped up in the results, tickled me no end, so I have decided to share.

For those of you who are interested. Today’s other highlights so far include:

  1. Running around the field 3 times in pursuit of an escapee hen. They’re faster than they look.
  2. Laying down with my shoulders pressed firmly against the floor in an attempt to ascertain whether I could reach to touch my *ahem* lady parts whilst in this position*

The latter was not just a moment of madness (honest guv), it was because someone asked. This started with a question about whether a man can lay on the floor (in the same position) and cup his testicles with both hands. Feel free to try this at home and let me know. I should warn you though, it’s best to shut the dog out of the room first. They are bamboozled by insane human behaviour and tend to question it by either licking your face whilst they can reach it or jumping on you. All dog owners will, I’m sure, already know the odds on dog paws walloping private parts. Anyway, apparently it all started with the Shroud of Turin… Confused yet? Have a look at a picture of the shroud and all may become clear. 🙂

Anyway, I’m off to the dentist, so I’ll catch you all later.

*No, I can’t. Just in case you were wondering. 🙂