Did you see that?

You know when you do something very clumsy and embarrassing in public?

Like when you trip up and you try to make it look like you meant to do that?

I did something like that yesterday. Ssshhhhh… I don’t think anybody noticed. 🙂 I was updating my site and I did something that took my site down completely. I realised what I’d done and I fixed it straight away, so it wasn’t down for long (maybe a few minutes).

I just wondered if anyone noticed and wondered what happened.

It was me.



One thought on “Did you see that?

  1. Elrond

    No, didn’t see. It comes to all of us. Often make changes to my site, and screw up. I try to do them early morning while few are using the site.

    The other days I was sending all my tweets to my test account, and not my real account. I have a test version of my site on my desk top, and obviously don’t want loads of garbage tweets going out to my real account when I am testing. Alas copied over the settings to the production system. I wondered why few were registering on the site!!

    Then also the server can go down, normally the service provider. I pay for a service which tests my site every minute, then at some ungodly hour, or while I am away of any Internet connection, I get a text message saying the site is down. I then can’t get to sleep, or can’t concentrate on any task until the problem is resolved. Last time it was 4 hours, and there was nothing I could do, was all in the hands of the service provider.

    The site will go down in the next few days during the night for a short while the server is being rewired, again nothing I can do. I may turn of the text message notification or leave my mobile downstairs so I can get a good nights sleep.

    I am off to Glastonbury festival, lets hope nothing happens then.

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