Ok gentlemen, I can stand it no more.I need to know.

You read my blog. You may be an avid reader, you may just pop in from time to time, but one thing you will notice is that my blog is not loaded with erotica. It never will be, it makes me cringe. If you were to visit some girls’ sites, you will find a blog which has a theme of:

Ooh! I’m so moist…

My lovely client yesterday boinked me in twenty different positions…

It’s like reading Razzle!

I want to know. Do you read them? Do they work as some sort of advertising or are they just “wank fodder”. Do you think “Ooh! I must see this girl”? Or is it more like “Gosh, I’m not going there. Too much to live up to”, or “I can’t go there, she seems far too indiscreet”?

While I’m asking questions:

Is it just me who gets sick of seeing the word “classy” surrounded by spelling mistakes?

Of course (as you know) I iz a klassy kortizon innit 😉



Curious of Caithness xx


3 thoughts on “Classy?

  1. Amanda Rocks :-)

    Can’t speak for men in general, not sure I’ve managed to figure the rest of my gender out.

    For me, I find that sort of thing a turn off, just like a lot of the dialogue on late night ‘erotica’ channels. However it must hit the spot for lots of blokes out there, because the market seems to be getting bigger and bigger.
    For me it just doesn’t ring true. It seems like a very bad script, with no real emotion.
    You could however argue that it all part of life’s great tapestry. Those that want the full on PSE are likely to be attracted to these escorts.
    I can’t believe that you are short of clients, although you are somewhat of the beaten track – lol
    Other ladies who don’t take this approach seem to do very well with lots of gents queuing up to meet them.

    I find your bloggs, funny, thoughtful, informative (regarding the issues of escorts) and your site much more sensual than the in your face sites.

    keep at it
    from your no 1 fan, u a r 1 ‘Classy’ chik 🙂

  2. Richard

    To be blunt, “No, I don’t want to hear just how lubricious, your last engagement was!”

    What I look for in a Lady’s blog is to be entertained, informed and provoked (the latter, in particular to respond!). While some Ladies might well blog just for fun, I entirely accept that blogging is an advertising chore, aimed, I think, not to lure the prey into the boudoir, but more subtly, to keep the blogging lady’s name in the reader’s mind, with a view to him making a choice.

    Me, I want to persuade myself that I’m going to see a Lady for more than a wham, bam, thank-you Ma’am bonk.

  3. doolittle

    I’m of the same opinion as Richard. I’d rather see a bit of personality, some humour and be entertained. The internet is full of “wank fodder” and if thats what I’m after then an escorts blog is the last place I’d look! They generally seem quite amateurish and not erotic at all – so for me they have the opposite effect, I’d choose not to see the lady in question.


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