Minor Irritation du Jour

According to a poster on the Punternet forum, it is ‘not possible’ to have a relationship with an escort because there will be ‘an eliment (sic)* of deep mistrust’.

The evidence for this is a case in Wales where a man is accused of murdering his wife after they rowed over his use of casual sex websites.

How are these things linked you ask?

Well, the lady in question worked as a prostitute. Actually, so did her husband.

A classic case of 2+2=7 if you ask me.

I think the only thing this proves is that couples who spend all their time yelling at and/or battering each other should just split up and have done with it.

You either have trust in a relationship or you don’t. What your partner does for a living is completely irrelevant.

* I’m quoting this verbatim to illustrate my linguistic supremacy… obviously.

Quote of the Day:
The easiest thing to find is fault.