Middle Class?

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I’ve been mooching around the newspapers, looking at the myriad of articles about prostitution which have appeared since Belle de Jour “came out” and I’ve discovered that I have been labelled.

I tend to think of the sex industry as having sectors. In prostitution these are:

  1. Outdoor prostitution (streetwalkers)
  2. Massage Parlours
  3. Agency Escorts
  4. Independent Escorts (this is where I fit in).

Anyway, according to Carol Hunt in her article for the Irish Independent (which incidentally is well worth reading), I am a “middle class prostitute”. Talk to the hand

Does this mean I have to buy a Volvo? I do hope not. Sad

She goes on to say:

The reason Magnanti has got up so many people’s noses is that the ‘vital element’ she appears to be missing is not a ‘moral sense’ but a sense of shame.

She sold sex and didn’t say sorry. But then again, why should she?


Spot on Missus!

Another article in the same paper, penned by Eilis O’Hanlon, declares that:

The doctor herself may be the remedy

‘Belle de Jour’ shows that prostitution can be made to work to the advantage of women


and also:

So much, too, for the feminists who always poured scorn on Belle de Jour’s continual insistence that she had enjoyed her experiences as a call girl, and remained undamaged by them. Nothing infuriates the sisterhood more than a victim who refuses to accept that she is one.

Bloody well said. Now I would advise you to duck and cover.

Unfortunately, the Irish Independent is off my Christmas card list again though, thanks to Louis Leahy’s piece, which deserves to be hung on the wall… No, not framed, you silly! On a nail in the privy.  He came out with this gem:

Prostitution is, sadly, a fact of life and many children grow up not knowing any of these facts. The real facts. That all women who enter prostitution, either by force or by "choice", are doing so because they are victims. Victims of a society where anything goes — at a price. Your son may never visit a prostitute. Some may "try one" once for the fun — but others, tragically, will develop serious sexual appetites which make them become victims themselves.

Note to Louis:

Do NOT put choice in inverted commas! It really ticks me off. Angry


Amanda xx


Quote of the Day:
Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest.
–Mark Twain


One thought on “Middle Class?

  1. jekandhyd

    Volvos aren’t that bad (and that’s my street cred out the window for ever). I’ve got a good runner if you’re interested. One careful owner (and one maniac).

    Seriously, I think that newspaper articles covering the story have mellowed, for the better, during the week. Only by recognising that there is a large sector of sex workers that are totally content with their lot, and are in control of their affairs, can the state help those that aren’t in that happy state to either get there or help them get out.

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