The Bear Makes Me Happy.

Well it does. 🙂KK15590_600

What do you mean you don’t know what I’m talking about?

In Inverness (Academy street), there is a toy shop which has a chap in a teddy bear suit wandering up and down outside. He waves, blow kisses, hug passers by (not by force obviously) and generally makes people smile. Ok, he doesn’t make everybody smile. Whilst stopped at the traffic lights, I was watching people’s reaction to him, There were quite a few miserable buggers very serious folk who couldn’t make space in their day to be nice to the bear and would probably have died on the spot if they’d been hugged. I have to say though, he makes me smile, he makes most people smile and he gave me one of the best laughs ever when, having spent a few minutes sitting at the red light watching the bear, when the light turned green and I resumed my journey, my phone rang. It was Laura, in the car behind me:


Ok, I just need to clarify this. There was a six foot bear back there yeah? I really did see that?

Me (giggling):

Yes, there was.


You saw it too?


Saw it? I was flirting with it! 😀

I must admit though, when a mentally handicapped man (having already passed the bear) ran back to receive a huge bear hug the other day, I started to well up. Watching the sheer pleasure on that chap’s face.

Why can’t we all be more like that? Why do people feel the need to be so bloody poker faced all the time? Why can’t we express joy and pleasure without anybody tut-tutting or telling us to rein it in a bit?

I tend not to care who thinks I’m mad. They’re probably at least partially right anyway.

I will laugh and smile. I will hug six foot teddy bears. I will dance with happy drunks in shopping precincts.


You only live once. Don’t waste it being miserable (unless you enjoy it of course). 😉


Amanda xx

Quote of the day:
Have a heart that never hardens, and a temper that never tires, and a touch that never hurts — Charles Dickens