A Chance For The Men to Have Their Say

I’ve pinched this from the SAAFE message board.

Yipp Films are developing a potential documentary for Channel 4 about male clients of sex workers. We want to make a film which focuses on British punters in a completely straight, honest, sensitive and non- judgmental way. We’re interested in speaking to men about their involvement with sex workers; exploring the wider reasons why they pay for sex and looking at how commercial sex fits into their lives, hopes and fears, and shapes their relationships with others. Without being sensationalist or looking through rose-tinted glasses, we want to humanise them and their lives, exploring who they really are and giving a voice to their stories which are almost always silenced in mainstream discussion.
As you will know, those who pay for sex now find themselves increasingly scorned and criminalised by the government’s Policing and Crime Bill currently going through Parliament. In its attempt to protect women from violence, many clients, experts and sex workers we’ve spoken to say this law will further target and demonise all punters and encroach on people’s private sex lives even more than is already the case. This film will examine whether this law is misguided and perhaps unjust. This project has the support of  industry bodies such as the English Collective of Prostitutes, as well as others. We’re passionate about making this film work – but are realistic about how difficult it will be – and so are asking for your help if you will grant it.
I know that this is a big ask given what’s happening at the moment, but we’re trying to contact regular users of sex workers who may be interested in sharing their story and opinions or even may be keen to hear more about this project: we would love to hear from them. Likewise with sex workers who may be interested in helping us, we’d be really grateful. There is no pressure to go on camera – if you just want to have an initial chat on the phone, converse via email or meet for an informal chat – that’s fine. We understand the sensitivities and will keep all conversations and information strictly confidential and off the record. There’s no problem if you’d like to stay anonymous – we will honour this fully.
Yipp Films are a Bafta award-winning production company with a long history of sensitive and truthful documentaries. Our director, Patrick Collerton, is one of the most celebrated documentary makers of recent years, whose first film for Channel 4, The Boy Whose Skin Fell Off, won dozens of major awards around the world. If you visit our website (www.yippfilms.com) you can see his show reel and read a bit more about us. I am a journalist and producer with a particular interest in criminal justice issues; my most recent film was a feature documentary on BBC2 called Going Postal, focusing on the phenomenon of workplace and school shootings. We’re certainly not alarmist, tabloid TV hacks; we’re good people!
I hope to hear from you.
Thanks a lot!
Storm Theunissen
Yipp Films
+44 207 749 2987

Go on… Have your say.

Amanda xx

Quote of the day:
Clinton lied. A man might forget where he parks or where he lives, but he never forgets oral sex, no matter how bad it is. – Barbara Bush


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  1. Bumple

    “We’re interested in speaking to men about their involvement with sex workers;”

    They can’t be that interested as I haven’t even had the courtesy of a reply from them.

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