Piranhas for Honey




3 thoughts on “Piranhas for Honey

  1. anonamous guy


    a real blast from the past. I’m ashamed (honest!) to admit that I know almost all the lyrics to Gordon is a Moron. And have been known to embarrass my kids with a rendition. Modern music isn’t like wot it used to be….

    However I’m struggling to remember the title/artist and locate a rendition of the song with the following lyrics

    I like to sit and watch things burn past the point of no return.
    I like to sit and watch things smoulder cos it keeps me warm when the weather gets colder.

    The chorus was something like – Bored with school, burn it down.

    Now as a bone a fide officianado of modern ‘popular’ music I’m counting on you to ‘name that tune’


    1. anonamous guy

      Darn, with all your many gigabites of musak I thought I could rely on you…..

      Ah well, the search continues……

      Have fun in the land of jute, jam and journalism 🙂

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