Do you remember…

When you were a child and the biggest threat was “I’ll tell my Mum/Dad/Gran/Whatever”?

Well there’s a new one, although this may not apply to everybody.

Whenever I do something silly (quite often), the first words from Laura’s mouth are:

“I am soooo blogging about this!”

I just don’t understand it. What is the problem with asking a drunk man in Inverness to show me his moves? (He was absolutely bungalowed and it wasn’t yet 1pm. I was horrified and yet very impressed)


Now then. Completely unrelated.

This is for Burlesque Honey:

Jilted John 🙂


Yours laughingly

Amanda xx

Quote of the Day:
Virtue has never been as respectable as money.
–Mark Twain, 19th-century American humorist, author and journalist


2 thoughts on “Do you remember…

  1. Burlesque Honey

    Hahahaha, love it! I do remember this song way back in around 1978. And now all together ‘Gordon is a moron….’ lol Classic song and sheer poetry 🙂

    Have a slightly more obscure reference for you; clue one it is a Brighton band, clue two – their band name was fishy related and the lyrics contained the classic refrain:

    “Virginity, it’s a social disease
    Virginity, people laugh at me
    Virginity, I’m terrified
    That I will be a virgin for the rest of my life”

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