I turn my back for 5 minutes…

Ok, it was about 24 hours. Just enough time to do 2 outcalls on opposites sides of Scotland (Yay for Superfloozy 🙂 ), but that’s hardly the point is it now?

Everything was fine yesterday afternoon and then I return home to this!

Harman challenges Arnold Schwarzenegger to shut down prostitute site PunterNet

WHAT??!!!!  Why??  So I read on and found that reason is:

The Equalities Minister condemned PunterNet, a site which allows men to compare and rate prostitutes, as “the ultimate commodification of women”.

Ok, let’s start with that:

PunterNet allows people (yes, men and women) to review prostitutes. Yes, we in the industry see it as a good thing. It helps people to choose the right girl for them. People are purchasing a service. Then they pop over to Punternet and let other folks know whether they got received a good service or not and whether it was value for money. They rate the service they got, not the girl per se. Much the same as you would pop over to a site and rate a Plumber or a Builder, but you won’t see Ms Harperson whinging about that in a hurry.

Outlining her plans to ban sex with women under the control of pimps, Ms Harman declared: “prostitution is not work. It’s exploitation of women by men.”

Read that very carefully. The Harpy Ms Harperson is not against exploitation of women, she against prostitution. Why doesn’t she just come out and say that? What about female clients? Do they not exist? Or do they not exploit? What about male prostitutes?  Oh deary me, have I poked a ickle hole in her argument?

Anyway, to continue, I’ll take this next quote one piece at a time:

Ms Harman said: There is now a website …

Woah! Great job Sherlock! It’s only been around since 1999!!

…where pimps put women on sale for sex and then men who’ve had sex with them put their comments on line

Pimps? If a pimp posted on there, well, let’s just say they would find him and show him the error of his ways…

Women for sale eh? Well as this was the London page that was being referred to I’ll have a Burlesque Honey and an Emily Jones  to go please. 🙂 But, first you’ll need to explain to them that “their pimps” have put them “on sale”. Go on, I double dare you Harriet! Stand really close to either of those girls, or any other on that page and say that to them. That’s the problem though isn’t it. We have no voice. Equality my lily white arse! Do you have any idea how frustrating it is to be shouted down by man-hating radical feminists at every turn?

Anyway, back to the point at hand:

It is the ultimate commodification of women and puts women at risk. It is truly degrading.

Firstly,  just for my own gratification: Commodification? Making up new words are we?

No it isn’t commoditisation, we provide a service and we choose to advertise that service on PunterNet.

Risk? The only one putting women at risk here is Harriet bloody Harman!!

Degrading? Why is it? Because you (Harriet) would find it degrading to have sex for money? Well you’d better not do it then eh? I, on the other hand, do not find it degrading at all. So don’t pass your feelings, morals and ideals off as mine. Ok?

Think on this:

In the early 20th century, when women asked to be heard, they were patted on the head and told that they didn’t really know what they wanted. How could they? They were only women after all.

In the early 21st century, when independent, self employed women ask to be heard, you pat us on the head and tell us that we don’t really know what we want. How can we? We are only prostitutes after all.

You (Harriet, Julie et al) are a disgrace to the women’s movement.

Yours independently, un-pimped, un-coerced and so far (despite you) legally.



Quote of the day:
The only way to be truly misogynistic is to be a woman. – Randy K. Milholland


9 thoughts on “I turn my back for 5 minutes…

  1. jekandhyd

    Has anyone ever told you you’re even more beautiful when you’re angry?

    I throw my hands up in despair every time I hear about escorts “being for sale”. Last time I checked I’ve never bought anyone (although I’ve just had another scout around in all my cupboards in case one or two were stashed there – no luck I’m afraid).

    The thing that really makes me angry though is that pillocks like Harmen and Bindel will drive the sex trade further underground and make it more dangerous for those that choose to work in it and increase the number of girls that are brought into it against their will.

    Please keep up the lobbying
    Thank you

  2. Amanda

    Flattery will get you everywhere, but methinks I have told you that before…

    Pillocks. Good word that, I have others, they are rude 😉

  3. Ross Hamilton

    Ms. Harman’s desperate attempts at publicity and trying to burnish her voter reputation is an all too familiar tactic in a government in the process of imploding. Instead of tackling the truly serious issues facing our nation, she directs her attacks at groups who are largely un-organised and ill-represented in the corridors of power. When people of her ilk rear up on their hind legs, they reveal themselves to be nothing but feminist bullies who are completely intolerant to the legitimate and differing opinion of others. As rumours abound that the upcoming election is to on or about the 6th of May next year – we all can only hope that she fails to make any progress, other than sabre-rattling, until the expected regime change takes place.

  4. Roy Kay


    “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you. So take my help, hussy!” Is Britain, like the US, cursed with having no political party without its head up its ass?

  5. SnowdropExplodes

    I’m in total agreement with you on everything.

    Except one thing:

    “Commodification? Making up new words are we? ”

    The word “commodification” has been around for several years and is in the Oxford English Dictionary.

    Harman is certainly silencing, damaging, moralising and a disgrace to the women’s movement, but she is not (as yet) guilty of perpetrating Bush-isms.

    [Language nerd slinks away again]

    1. Amanda

      Thank you. That’s what I get for giving in to my brief moment of childishness. For letting the Harmans of this world wind me up so much.

  6. Kelly

    Brilliant post!

    This especially: “Degrading? Why is it? Because you (Harriet) would find it degrading to have sex for money? Well you’d better not do it then eh? I, on the other hand, do not find it degrading at all. So don’t pass your feelings, morals and ideals off as mine. Ok?”

    1. Alexa

      I’ve always wondered why one person who feels something is degrading feels that everyone else must view it the same way. That just defies logic.

  7. Iamcuriousblue

    I saw your post linked to via Renegade Evolution’s blog. I agree with you completely about this. Its unfortunate that idiots like Julie Bindel and Sheila Jeffreys, fringe ideologues on practically all other sex and gender issues, have such influence in the UK when it comes issues around sex work. Its especially bad that there are government ministers like Jacqui Smith and Harriet Harman who buy into this fringe ideology themselves.

    FWIW, its unlikely that PunterNet will be shut down, at least in the short term. US First Amendment protections largely cover US-based websites that fall afoul of overseas censorship laws. There would only be a case if a site like PunterNet was attacked under US law, and considering that California already has the notorious SFRedbook, it seems unlikely that PunterNet could be closed unless there is an across-the-board ban on review sites, and such a ban would be unlikely to survive a First Amendment challenge in court.

    I see that you generally take a positive view of review sites, but I know from reading other sex worker blogs that opinion of them from providers is pretty much mixed. Unfortunately, there is a subset of bad clients who will expressly use the threat of a bad review to try and get extras. On the other hand, I see the role as positive, overall – unfortunately, some advertisers misrepresent (fake pictures, etc) and some rip-off artists pose as sex workers. Given that reality, review boards are essential for connecting clients with sex workers who are who they say they are and actually provide what they advertise. I think by helping both parties make the right connections, such sites actually head off a lot of bad situations before they start.

    I’ve heard that escorts have a few review sites of their own concerning punters, or at least “bad call” warnings that are shared. I don’t know how many or how extensive such sites are, but I think there is just as much need for them.

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