Ignore me for a minute

I’m just making sure that my thingummy settings are all doofered up for the whassmajig…


tweetmeme_url = ‘http://sensuous-amanda.com/ignore-me-for-a-minute/’;
tweetmeme_source = ‘FarNorthAmanda’;
tweetmeme_service = ‘TinyURL.com’;


2 thoughts on “Ignore me for a minute

  1. Jekandhyd

    I have this vision. Beautiful woman in overalls, toiling to fix the powerful blog engine, one lock of hair dislodged through her efforts, a streak of oil across her brow. I love a woman in control

    1. Amanda

      Hold that thought, but my tongue always ends up sticking out a little when I’m concentrating.

      Mind you at the moment. A better vision would be of me on strike, feet up, cuppa in one hand and placard in t’other.

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