I found this…

…and I thought of you:

“About The Daily Jolly

Engineered by a man who’s probably the UK’s – if not the world’s – laziest webmaster and a couple of seriously intellectually- and morally-challenged cronies, The Daily Jolly is updated occasionally rather than daily; it mostly depends on whether the old fart (or Mr Brown, as he’s known to his creditors) has sobered up enough to intermittently switch focus between screen and keyboard.

The site is powered by a combination of zero imagination, bugger all in the way of technical expertise, the webmaster’s own smut surfing habits, occasional contributions from its audience, an outdated version of Dreamweaver hosted on a Pentium something that’s driven by a mixture of two rubber bands, Windows 98SE and a large dose of patience, plus copious amounts of alcohol. Your contributions – meditative, liquid, latex or otherwise – are welcomed.

Feel free also to voice your criticisms and other outpourings of disdain by e-mailing the webmaster; he’s a miserable bastard leading a lonely and largely unloved existence, so just about anything helps to break the tedium of his everyday life. His ambition is to master Paint Shop Pro before his liver gives up the ghost”

*Chuckles* Me likey 😀