Ok, I give in…


“You’re not supposed to ask. If a guy thinks your special enough to warrant one, he’ll do it. Asking is rude.”

Also apparently:

“If you want one, you should ask. Guys wait to be asked.”

Ye Gods!!

It’s those flippin reports again.

So this is a question for all the guys who think it’s either ok or required for a girl to ask:

Can somebody who has been to see me and enjoyed the experience please write me a Punternet field report?

Thank you very very much in advance




One thought on “Ok, I give in…

  1. js


    caught in a catch 22 – lol
    You’ve no feedback on punternet, I’ve no feedback on punternet so I can’t leave you a field report about our dates.
    Did e-mail the guy who runs the site to try and see if he would make an exception – told him the highlands isn’t a very busy place for this sort of thing and didn’t even get the courtesy of a reply…….
    No wonder there are mixed messages about the chap on the net.
    If/when I have a meeting with someone who already has feedback then I will will post them a reply. Hurrah this will then allow me to post a report for you too.

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