Adventures & cloak ‘n’ dagger at my age??

Just when I should be settling down with a mug of Horlicks? Bloody disgusting!!

Actually, I agree with Melanie. I want to grow old disgracefully, but I digress…

For the first time ever, I am going to fly on one of those new fangled small plane aeroplane doo-hickeys. Yes, I know. I’m probably one of about three people in the UK who has never flown, but contrary to popular belief, it has nothing to do with fear of flying. It’s just never been the best option (I’ve never been abroad either) but, for several reasons on this trip, the plane seemed like a good idea. Not least because I no longer have a car on the road. I’m off to London, so it’s just quicker and easier to fly. After my little visit to the city I shall be hopping on a train and heading for Hampshire.

Anyway, on to the cloak and dagger…

I’m off to meet some people who I regularly chat to on a message board (hussying related). These things are always subject to huge levels of secrecy as regards location, but this time, not only are we only being given vague ideas as to where the meeting is, but it’s changed twice along the way. This has made it quite difficult to plan my journey and practically impossible to advertise a London tour. There are adverts all over t’internet announcing that I will be either in Paddington or Holborn. Ignore them, they’re both wrong. I have given up and the only appointments whilst I’m in London will be with those who are privy to classified information… You know who you are… *taps nose*… *winks*…

Or not…

Because, tomorrow at some point in the evening. I shall be flagging down taxis outside a major London rail station and when asked my destination, the answer will be “Oh dear, I was rather hoping that you would know…”


4 thoughts on “Adventures & cloak ‘n’ dagger at my age??

  1. Richard

    … and I’m just (delicately) enquiring whether the secret location will be with half a mile of his Grace the Lord Bishop of London’s palace at Fulham?

    1. Amanda

      I’m afraid it wasn’t. There will be more UK travel in the future though, but not until I’ve finished building the Ark (obviously)


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