Laura Lee and myself have often picked up the phone, put on our best ‘phone voice’, said Hello and been greeted with “Massage!”cat-massage

We’ve finally figured out what it’s all about. We just thought that these men were being rather rude, but now we understand!

It’s a word association game!

So, just to show that I’m no spoil sport, I will be playing along from now on. So I apologise in advance to those who are just being plain rude and have never heard of this fun game, because as of today, if you call me and just shout “Massage!” in my ear. The answer will be “Oil!” or “Table!” or some such…


3 thoughts on “Games?

    1. Amanda

      If you phone me and the very first thing you say is “Popcorn”, then after I finish giggling, I will either say “Movie” or “Where are you, you delicious man? I’m popping round to ravish you.”

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