Dundee plays hard to get…

Dundee is at it again. Last time we ended up in Carnoustie, this time we managed to get a lovely apartment in Dundee city centre. Unfortunately it came complete with Landlady as next door neighbour.

This was no ordinary landlady, this was the nosey old bat variety. So our first day in Dundee was lost. 😦

Today we gave up and headed for a hotel.

While I’m here I feel it would be only right to give a couple of tips to some of the men of Dundee:

1. Saying “Do you not think you’re a bit expensive love” on the phone will neither endear you to me nor get you a discount.

2. Phoning me repeatedly from a withheld number and then leaving me a voicemail which says “Pick up your phone I want to talk to you, you bitch!” Will not in any way encourage me to answer withheld numbers.

I’m thinking of visiting Perth in future and cutting Dundee down to the occasional visit.


We off to Aviemore tomorrow for fun and frolics with a friend of Laura’s. I’ve spoken to him online and on the phone several times, so I can’t wait to finally meet him in person. 🙂