Saturdays and Football

Although I have done plenty of outcalls on Saturdays in the past, I have never been available for incalls on a Saturday. I decided to try it today, an experiment I thought to myself.

I reckoned without footbore football. The FA Cup Final (or something) is on today. So all those luscious Aberdonian men are parked up with their eyes firmly glued to the nearest wide-screen television.

With any luck, their team of choice will win and after the match they will scamper to the phone, desperately searching for my number.

I somehow doubt it though.

Hey Ho! You can’t win them all and I really can’t complain. I’ve had a lovely week in Aberdeen. I’ve seen some of my favourite gentlemen friends again and had the opportunity to meet a few new chaps as well.

I’m looking forward to a couple of days at home and then I’m off to Dundee again. Right slap, bang in the middle of town this time apparently. Then I’m off home for two weeks. I have been neglecting the poor men of the Far North, so I will be making up for that. 😉



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