Confession Time

Ok, I’m going to come clean with you all. I shall make my confession. Purge my conscience.

I’m only doing this because I recently found out that I’m not the only one. I thought it was just me with this deviant addiction. This shameful secret, but no. There is at least one other like me.

Brace yourselves, make sure you are seated. Those of you with nervous dispositions should make sure that you have your medication close to hand. Possibly there are those of you who should not read further whilst alone.

Ok… ready?


I am a stationeryholic.

I can’t help myself. I know it’s wrong and shameful, but I love it! Office supplies just float my boat.

Notebooks, pens, pencils, diaries. I have mountains of them. I browse eBay for new and exciting shades of paper. A pen with a cute bunny dangly thing? I must have it! Fountain pens, cartridge pens, biros, gel pens, highlighters, propelling pencils, HB, 2B (or not to be), 4B. rulers, rubbers (fnarr fnarr), sharpeners. Oh, I’m getting excited just listing them all.

It’s a bloody good job I don’t work somewhere with a stationery cupboard.