Easter eggs etc…

I only got one Easter egg   Ok, that could be something to do with the fact that I’m not all that keen on chocolate. The one egg I got is still virtually intact and it’ll probably take me weeks to work my way through it. I have had lots of presents for Easter though. The cats have been on a mouse killing spree and they keep presenting me with half eaten rodents.

Anyway, enough of that. I’m off to Aberdeen again tomorrow to play

Map picture

house with Laura Lee for a week. This week, it’s my turn to be the big bad old fashioned husband. I shall sit on the sofa watching sports on TV and scratching myself and regularly demand that Laura fetch me another beer from the fridge.

Ok, back to reality, she’d kill me if I tried that.

We keep saying that we’re going to take lots of lovely new photos each time we’re on tour, but we keep forgetting. So if you meet a tall woman on the streets of Aberdeen who is wandering around chanting “Don’t forget pics, don’t forget pics” under her breath, then that will be me.