Good Riddance to the Bad Old Days

By that I mean pre-internet hussying.

Thanks to the internet I can do some basic security checks before I go on an out call. No I don’t mean that I check your credit rating and police record (yet *grins* ), but I can check that someone is registered at the address they give me (to cut down on fake bookings) and that they are the only male living there (safety first).

The other thing about the internet is that escorting is a much less lonely occupation these days. I can pop online and speak to numerous other working girls. It’s wonderful, I can discuss escorting openly with other women who understand what I am talking about and don’t either disapprove or just think I am mad for doing what I do.

We finally have the back up and support that was always missing. I remember when Escortwatch first started up (what ever happened to that?), I was delighted that we could finally have some warning about the (thankfully few) nutters out there. There are now various sites including SAAFE which provide information and advice to escorts.

It’s all gone a step further now and thanks to Laura Lee (and others like her) we get together for social evenings whenever possible.

I find myself living more and more in the “hussying world” whether it be online or off. I don’t know whether that is a good or a bad thing long term, but I do know that I am thoroughly enjoying myself.

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