Wish list


I wasn’t planning to start up a wish list thingummy, but I’ve been asked twice now whether I have one. Apparently it would make life easier for those wishing to buy me a present.

It actually makes me a tad uncomfortable. A big list of things with the title “I WANT!!”.

However, I’m going to go with the flow on this one. My wish list is now up and running and I’m off to do some window shopping (t’internet style) to put things on it.

…Still feels weird though…

Click here to view my wish list


2 thoughts on “Wish list

  1. mitter

    Can you fix it so that postie delivers anything on the list to you direct? These are not things a man my age normally wears or plays with and a parcel opened by mistake could be hard to explain. Even a pink laptop could be dodgy

  2. Amanda

    A very good point. A lot of men can get things delivered to work, some live alone and don’t have a problem with having things delivered. I shall have to think about that one…..

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