ReportCardThese things baffle me up to a point. I can understand the reasoning behind them, but they remind me of school reports.

I have other issues with them:

First of all, there are many sites which hold reviews for WGs. If you don’t search them all you might miss out.

New girls do not have reviews, that doesn’t mean they’re bad at their job, it just means nobody has reviewed them. I’ve been escorting (again) for just under a year now (about that anyway) and I have only one review. It’s not on any of those sites, it’s on my own site. It’s a lovely review as well. I’m very grateful for it and extremely proud of it. Of course, the fact that it is on my site does leave me open to people thinking that I wrote it myself (I didn’t). According to Punternet et al however, I do not exist. *Shrugs*

The biggest worry with reviews is that people in general are more likely to speak up about a product or service if it is bad, although checking the Punternet statistics, this doesn’t seem to be the case with most men and thank Gawd for that.

As you will have noticed, I’ve had a poll running on my site for several weeks now which asks about reviews. The poll shows that a high number of men will not visit a girl unless she has good reviews, I just hope that these same men are as fast to post reviews as they are to read them.

I do wonder sometimes how many men have written me off because michelin starsI don’t have the hooker equivalent of a Michelin rating and just how the hell I’m supposed to get said rating if the guys who would post reviews won’t see me because I don’t have any?

Catch 22 anyone?


One thought on “Reviews

  1. anonamous_guy

    Hmmm. Can understand your predicament. The whole issue of “reviews” is a minefield. Any review is always going to be subjective. What a punter wants varies enormously. I have seen reviews which turn me off – not on. As someone who has written reviews I find it very difficult. Like many I don’t wish to reveal most of what I enjoy or enjoyed. Just because someone knows how to please me and gets a 10 out of 10 – 5 star rating from me does that mean they will always be right for someone else? Do you like it fast and furious or slow and sensuous? Rough or gentle? And, personally I don’t feel comfortable describing women in terms of a commodity or service. There is also the danger that some might not be honest – what guy wants to say they failed to perform – far better to say “she couldn’t keep her hands off me and we did it five times in all sorts of positions”. From a personal point of view I much rather look at peoples web sites and postings on other sites to try and get a feel for them. Are we likely to be compatible? I don’t want to be hurt, dominated, humiliated etc. but there are many who do and that’s fine. I think that finding someone who seems your ‘type’ and contacting them is a far better guide to whether you’re both compatible than some comment for another guy. I won’t pay much heed to reviews, until they are done by the tourist board – at least that way you would know the criteria and that they were consistent!! Hmmm – perhaps time for a change of career – lolHope this is food for thought.One final point, given the ease of getting different id’s on the Net, who knows how many of the reviews on these sites are genuine? There’s no more guarantee that they haven’t been created to drum up business than having reviews on your own site.

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