Good grief!!

3 times in the last month I have been specifically asked to wear high heels. On 2 of those occasions I was then greeted with “Oh, I didn’t realise you’d be so tall!”

Now hold on a minute. I’m 5’10” in my bare feet… Exactly how tall do people think I will be in 4” heels? Surely it doesn’t take a mathematical genius! Just in case I’m wrong, let me explain this:

I am 5’10”, if you ask me to wear 4” heels then you will be meeting a 6’2” harlot. If you want someone shorter, then I suggest you look elsewhere. There are some fabulously gorgeous and sexy petite girls out there.

If (on the other hand) you require a leggy 5’10” strumpet, then give me a call post-haste kind sir.


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